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Barks n Brags
Just wanted to send our favorite Fender Brag...
We competed in the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club's AKC Agility Trial at Lake Elmo the weekend of August 21-23, 2009.  Fender had a perfect weekend he went 6 for 6!  We started out the weekend in Excellent A and finished out the weekend in Excellent B.  Here are a few pictures of his accomplishments... 
Fender is just 3 yrs old, started competing at 15 mo., he's earned a lot of titles in a short period of time. 
Thanks for such a great dog!!!   
Mike Erickson
Livingstones Moonlit Fireside Fender NA, NAJ, NF, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, NAC, NJC, TN-N, WV-N, CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-F, CL2-R, CL2-H, CL2-S, CL2-F, CL3-R, CL3-H, CL3-S, CL3-F, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F
Congrats to "Snickers", a pup out of Kansas/Legend, owned by Kim & Steve. Snickers has earned her CGC title and is well on her way to becoming an agility star!!
Congrats Salsa & Kim!, Salsa is owned/loved by me, (yes, I know she is not a cocker) she is not a part of my breeding program but is another one of my dearly loved family members! , Salsa will continue to be competing in agility working/running with my 10 yr. old daughter Kelsie.
Elklake's to hot to handle, CL1-F, CL1-R, CL1-H
Congrats to Bumper & Chris!, 
Bumper is a blue roan cocker out of Gypsy x Legend, he is currently competing in CPE and AKC agility (with amazing speed!) 
Thank you Chris for being such a great doggy mom!!!
Livingstones Legendary Bippity Boppity Bumper, CL1-F, CL1-H, CL2-F

Bumper update -
Bumper was #12 in the nation AKC agility for 2011!!!

Congrats  to Bliss! , 
Bliss is my Choc/tan girl out of Calamity (now retired) & Mason, she is currently competing in CPE agility and at just 17 mos. old she doing very well and is lightening fast!! not to mention very obedient &  friendly to all people/dogs. Bliss will also be taking her Canine Good Citizen test soon!
Livingstones Nothin But Bliss, CL1-F, CL1-H, CL1-R 
More Brags will be added soon!
This is a new page on my website and if any of you have a dog from my kennel who holds any titles please be sure to send a email and pic so we can brag about you and your beloved family member too!!! 
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Congrats  Macy!, 
Macy is my youngster of the bunch Black/white parti cocker girl , Owner/handler finished champion at 17 mos. old!!!!
CH Crescentmoon's N Livingstones Material Girl  
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CliHi Kim! Just wanted to update you on Bella.   She received her third level one CPE title last weekend and came home with a mitt full of Q's and placement ribbons.

We also met Chris, Fender & Bumper!  It is amazing how much Fender and Bella have the same coloring and those cocker spaniel boys are very handsome.  Bella has always received high praise from classmates, judges and fellow exhibitors but when I mentioned her relationship to Fender on FB, several of our "agility" friends said they "knew those dogs" and "didn't realize Bella was related!  --- no wonder she is so awesome."  I'm sure there are many more of us out there, but for now we have only met 3 other fellow competitors from Livingstone Kennels so GO Team Bella Rose, Team Snickers, Team Fender & Team Bumper! 

Cheryll Sanderson & Autumn's "Bella Rose", NJC, NAC, CL1-F, CL1-R, CL1-Hck here to add text.
Fender Update - Fender is ranked #18 top agility cocker with AKC for 2011!!