Sales Policy
A $300.00 deposit is required to reserve a puppy - Please consider your purchase carefully, puppies are a big responsibility and are not right for everyone.  If you need consent to keep a dog ( Parents, Landlord or Spouse - PLEASE HAVE THAT DISCUSSION NOW. It is important that everyone in the family is on board with this decision as we do not want our pups to go to a new home where they become the 
"bone of contention", so we make it clear that until your significant other is in agreement to the new family member, otherwise we cannot go forward with placing the pup. We feel each pup has the right to be a welcomed family member.

All deposits are non-refundable (except in the case of injury, illness or death of the chosen pup). However, they are transferable to another available pup or to a later litter, should you change your mind before 5 weeks old. NOTE: deposits will only be transferable for one year.

Pups are marked sold as they are spoken for and deposit has been received. Pups are sold on a first come first serve basis, absolutely no holds without deposit   

We reserve the right to decide to keep pups pictured here for our future breeding until 8 weeks old. These will be marked "reserve" whenever possible. We reserve the right to decline the sale of a pup after a deposit is received for any reason deemed in our or the puppy's best interests (deposit will be returned in that case).

Methods of payment accepted - We accept credit cards through Pay Pal (add 3% service charge) , Venmo, cashiers check, postal money order or cash. Personnel checks are accepted for deposits only when reserving in person, Personal checks will NOT be accepted for pickup.  

Click on Puppy deposit below for PayPal/credit card deposits, Please contact me prior to doing so to make sure the pup you are reserving has not already been spoken for. 

Prices are determined according to pedigree, markings, gender etc... Please call for individual pricing.

Pups have all been Microchipped which includes a registration form from the buddy ID microchip co. so that your pup can be registered to you and you are contacted  first in the event that your dog is missing.   

All pups are sold on limited registration. Full registration will be given on a very limited basis to approved homes only, for an additional fee. 

Pups can be picked up/shipped at 8 weeks old, if you need me to hold your pup for a longer period of time there will be an additional fee of $20. per day  or $120. per week after 9 weeks old or 1 week after purchase of an older pup. 

Shipping is available to most major airports  in the United States at buyers expense.

We offer personal courier service to most major airports in the US & Canada. Instead of your pup traveling as cargo, our personal puppy nanny hand  carries the pup as carry-on and delivers directly to you at the main terminal. This service has been wonderful and ensures your pup the most comfort on their journey to you. 

We will make all the necessary flight arrangements for your puppy to be safely
delivered to you at your nearest airport possible.

The cost for shipping is $375 to $550  (depending on destination etc..)

Price of the puppy + shipping costs need to be paid for in full before your puppy is shipped.

I will contact you after I drop off your puppy at the airport to let you know everything is as scheduled. Please be prompt in picking your puppy up from the airport, they will need to see I.D. to release the puppy to you. Call or e-mail me as soon as possible so I know your puppy got picked up safely.

Please note, a 3% fee is added to all PayPal transactions